In analogue wanders around a historic area of Berlin, the photos of DDR photographer Bernd Heyden reveal the changes and constants that time has left for us to find.

Ronny Reichel 2020 — AGFA APX 400, Olympus OM1_yellow filter

Visual legend:
Click on the link to see the Bernd Heyden “before” shot.

A slightly hungover Saturday has found me dragging myself down the “Magistratsschirm”, grisly weather and a headache leaving a hunger for something unhealthy to eat. Coming across Konnopke’s Imbiß, I relent to the taste of salty sweet Currysauce dripping off chips and pork, while marauding pigeons swirl around in the eddying winds of Eberswalder Straße. …

Hellenic Protocols: Greek island hopping during a pandemic

One of our Berlin on Film members set off for some Mediterranean escapism in the brief window left by Coronavirus this summer, capturing the strange tranquillity and trying to understand the effects of the crisis on the South Aegean.

© Duncan Miller — Minolta Dynax 700si, 50mm, Portra 160

In between his grumbles, I feared at some point that Babi might fail to lower his grubby face mask before trying to take a drag on his cigarillo. However, despite the sweltering heat, he was just about managing the sequence of actions. He had just whipped me up surprisingly delicious little gyros, and…

2020 has been tough for everyone.

You will for sure understand and excuse us for choosing not to publish a physical issue of the magazine this time.

We embraced the limits of this historical period — and we are sure we will keep on being an awesome community in other ways, with other manners.

From today, we will publish the analog Haikus you wrote about Berlin.
They are beautiful.

Stay tuned — but also healthy and curious.

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Manifestos at the Launch event — December 2019

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Your Berlinonfilm Newsroom team.

One of the remarkable things about photography is that sometimes we can detach from ourselves entirely and immersively engage with our surroundings. Just by holding a camera, the mind gains space and time, to feel the environment, and wander freely. It is especially so of the analogue process, with its more selective and ponderous approach. And so it is sometimes that we find ourselves in new or even familiar places, alone with a camera, walking with fresh eyes through an imaginary world…

I step outside and visualise myself as a kid growing up in America. I’m in a sunny Californian…

For four years I lived in Cologne, and I felt confident saying that I know the city and had confidence in giving visitors advice when needed. But let’s face it: The human species is one that really much relies on daily routines, that’s where we feel safe and comfortable. It’s the reason why we hold on to the job we wanted to quit already 2 years ago, its the reason why we go get our coffee on the way to work every day at the same old coffee shop and its the reason why we subconsciously tend to walk the…

Until a few years ago, analogue photography was a foreign but always excitingly mysterious cosmos for me. The first thing for me was to have a huge technical effort behind it, which of course it doesn’t have to be. That’s why it was important for me at the beginning to demystify the topic a bit.
In Berlin it’s very easy and fast, many groups of photographers and enthusiasts offer a variety of events that deal with the topic and the processes behind it. This way you meet people who have been taking analogue photos for a lifetime or people who…

Or: The golden mean between brush and sensor.

To say it in a quite sober tone: It’s all about technology. Shooting film is more than just one of many ways to picture an object. It is much more a fascinating combination of accuracy, creativity and magic (with which we already leave the path of sobriety).

For me, a digitally taken picture is more a file than a picture, showing naked facts. …

My name is Martí Blesa.
I’m a photographer based in Girona, a small town 80 km from Barcelona. I love Berlin a lot and I try to go there at least once every year.

I enjoy shooting analogue cameras in all formats, from 127 to 4x5 and trying old and weird cameras to try to give them a second (or third) life. I also do alternative photography techniques, cyanotype, Van Dyke, carbon print, a bit of wet plate… and so on.

During one of my trips to Berlin, where I went to help in a carbon print workshop that a…

Do you know Ferdinand von Schirach? No?
So he‘s a German author. Really famous. If you go to Dussmann — das Kulturkaufhaus these Christmas days you will notice that his books are a popular choice. So I remember in one of his interviews he gets asked how he learned to write cause actually he is a lawyer. And he says writing is not about special technics. In the end, it only matters if you pro- voke an emotion at the reader.
It may sound to you like a cheesy answer but he is the most uncheesy person in the world…

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